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About Me

Welcome to my gallery and online store, it’s a pleasure to have you visit.

Thought I would tell you little about myself. I’m a British born artist, from Nottinghamshire, UK.
My family and I have always loved the USA and jumped at the opportunity to move to sunny California, our family dream. My other childhood dream was of being an artist. From the moment I could pick up a pencil or brush that was it, I was hooked. I must admit, I love all forms of creativity.

It’s was over the last few years I fell in love with photorealism. I find it completely captivating and so my passion grew and now here I am creating what I love! It was also along this journey I started drawing animal portraits (if it has fur, it gets cuddles!) as well as human’s too. There is something to be said about the structure of a face and capturing the emotions on paper.

The contemporary acrylic abstract work is much a reflection on myself, which I bring out with my painting. It’s vibrant and cheerful, with a touch of something shiny, which about sums me up.


I have had the pleasure to exhibit different forms of my award winning, work, both national and international.

As well as being selected to have my photorealism work and featured in art magazines and publications.

Such as “Stroke of Genius 11 - Finding Beauty” (available to purchase winter 2019).

A member of:

Colored Pencil Society of America

International Guild of Realism

Coloured Pencil Community of Australasia

UK Coloured Pencil Society

Behind the scene of colored pencil painting

A lot of my collectors often ask what is the process to create my art?

So I thought I would show you how it is done...

Stage 1

From idea and theme, to product and photograph.

Stage 2

Photorealism is all about perfection, accuracy and detail. By mixing my pencils to make color swatches,

I can match my reference image exactly.

Stage 3

Use an image and a short piece of text to illustrate your story.

Stage 4

Next I map out the highlight and shadow ranges for each color section. Adding layers and mixing my pencils to create the correct color on the paper.

Stage 5

As each candy in nearly complete I move on to the next. Always check my color and measurement to my original photo as I complete each section.

Stage 6

With all my candies drawn. My attention moves onto the background, looking at highlight and shadows, cool and warm areas.

Stage 7

My drawing is now nearly done. Time for a break, to stand back and reflect on my work with fresh eyes and compare to my original photograph. Just a few minor tweaks and its done.

Features list


Is not just in the way I draw or paint, it’s also in the professional quality materials I use.
Such as Caren D’ Arch Luminance and Pablo pencils. They are beautifully creamy, highly pigment for intense, bright colors. Have the highest international standards for light resistance, giving a UV protection on the painting. Specifically designed for professional artiest, like myself who demand, quality, accuracy and perfection.


I adore strong, bright and vibrant colours, as you can see with “The Abstract Candy Store” collection. The amazing Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic’s range, with their luminous colors, made from the very finest grade pigments and the latest in resin technology, ensures I achieve the maximum intensity with all my painting mediums.


My passion for drawing beautiful realistic portraits, starts not only with a photograph, but the excellence expected form the extra refined, rich and creamy, high density graphite professional pencils from Tombow.