Glass Palette

Glass Palette

This beautiful Glass Palette Collection has been created via a photographic session taken during the creation of “The Abstract Candy Store” collection.

The mixture of color, vibrancy, and texture of the paint with water, add’s yet another layer of contemporary abstract to be captured during the forming of other collections.
These pictures will be amazing on your wall!
Made from the finest acrylic products available:

• The anti-reflective coating virtually eliminates distracting reflections and annoying glare associated with other acrylics.

• Tough, durable, anti-static, and scratch-resistance and stands up to frequent handling and cleaning.

• Colors as vivid as real life, resulting in optically brilliant, crisp color vibrancy with 99% UV Protection that helps protect your image.

This beautiful artwork will arrive ready for display in your home or send it as a fabulous gift to a loved one or friend.